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Fitness Facility Design & Layout Consulting


Existing Floor Plans

  • Results Fitness Lifestyle has equipped and designed over 200 residential condominiums with fitness equipment.

  • Most facilities in existing condominiums are uninviting; the fitness equipment is placed randomly with no functionality or purpose. We take everything into consideration, the size and shape of the room, where the windows and entrance are…then strategically place the fitness equipment in the proper areas, providing a facility that is inviting, residents feel welcome and enthusiastic to use the facility.

  • All sites that we have redesigned the average participation and attendance increased by 40%.​

New Buildings                                                                          

We work with condominium developers, designers, architects from the pre-construction stage through to project completion to help create an optimal fitness centre!


  • Functionality Assessment, Equipment Selection & Floor Plan: We help determine the appropriate size of fitness and change room areas along with a selection of equipment specially tailored to meet the needs of your resident demographics. A professional floor plan and layout of the equipment will be provided in compliance with fire and safety regulations, as well as equipment requirements to optimize space without wasting square footage.

  • Electrical Requirements: We advise on the electrical outlets necessary to safely and effectively operate your fitness equipment.

  • Colour, Flooring & Décor: We provide recommendations on colour schemes and location of mirrors, televisions and cardio entertainment options based on the location of the fitness equipment and building style. Our vast flooring selection ranges from traditional athletic rubber flooring to premium hard wood to luxurious tile.

  • Acoustic Analysis: We work with the design team to create the best solution to sound-proof the fitness areas to avoid noise travelling to adjacent units due to dropping weights or loud TV’s.



  • We take into consideration, the demographics, number of units and amenity space in the building to develop the most optimal facility possible.

  • Our clients tell us that our facilities are inviting when one walks in.

  • The layout shows its functionality, there is an energy flow that welcomes residents and creates an inspiring space to be their best.

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