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Fitness Equipment Supply, Maintenance & Repairs

RESULTS LIFESTYLE specializes in commercial exercises equipment acquisition, repair and maintenance in GTA. Results Fitness Lifestyle is please to provide you with information on a preventative program for your facility.



  • No more "Out-of-Order" signs.

  • Keep your equipment in working condition

  • Increased equipment lifespan

  • Create a safe workout environment limiting potential liability

  • Ensure more rapid response when emergency service calls are needed

  • Greater return on investment

Preventative maintenance includes a thorough internal cleaning, lubrication, inspection for safety, inspection and adjustments based. manufactures guidelines. All Results Fitness technicians are certified Fitness Technician.


Our preventative maintenance programs are based on the size of your building, your needs and equipment. A full inspection of each fitness equipment will be done prior to start up and a full detail report will be provided.​


Equipment maintenance services will include the following: On the pre-agreed times: send a qualified technician to check and calibrate all equipment in the fitness room; tighten applicable belts and fastening devices as necessary, apply preservative to padded areas, lubricate where applicable, and provide written report. Inspection (complete-diagnostic and functional) of each individual piece of cardiovascular equipment which includes: stationary bikes (upright and recumbent), stair climbers, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and rowing machines.​

All cardiovascular equipment will be repaired and calibrated to the original manufacturer's specifications. Stationary Bikes, and Stair Climbers Inspection shall include but not be limited to frames, casings, handles, pedals, and straps. Pedal and crank arm assembly, all motors, electronics, and display boards. Rowing Machines Inspection shall include but not be limited to frames, casings, handles, pedals, and anti straps, flywheel assembly bungee cords, chains, scat and rollers, display hoard. Elliptical Trainers Inspection shall include but not be limited to frames, casings, handles, pedals, fly-wheel assemblies. Lift motor and electronics, keypad and display board, all bearings and bushings. Complete interior cleaning and lubrication shall be performed.

Treadmills Inspection shall include but not be limited to frames, casings, deck and belt, lift motor, display and keypad, rollers, upper and lower electronics. Voltage/amperage readings and all electrical connections will also be checked. Complete interior cleaning and lubrication will be performed. Strength Training Equipment Inspection and repair (if needed) of all free weight equipment including and not limited to dumbbells, barbells, all benches including welds, bolts, hinges, upholstery. All free weight equipment will be repaired to the manufacturer's specifications. Inspection and repair (if needed) of all selectorized strength equipment including but not limited to chains, cables, belts, welds and frames, guide rails, cams and pulleys upholstery, grips, and rubber bumpers. A check will be done on the basic function of each machine. All of the selectorized machines will be repaired to the original manufacturer's specifications.


Technician will return calls or emails for emergency service within 24 hours of receiving the call (Monday - Friday). Scheduling of calls will also be done within 24- 48 hours. Our response time to have a tech on site is a maximum of 2 business days.


RL works with all equipment manufacturers and suppliers to aid in our ability to do both warranty and non-warranty repairs, thus, we are uniquely able to offer the best possible service. This ability enables us to maintain and do warranty repair/upgrades directly with most manufacturers without having to involve third parties.​



ONE (1) Fitness equipment orientations are included in all maintenance contracts


  • Show proper starting producers of each cardio machine

  • How each cardio program works

  • Show proper technique and form for each strength machine to maximize workout and prevent injuries

  • Explain what muscles are being used on each machine

  • 15 min O & A period about fitness programs and design and/or any other fitness related questions

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